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Electric Gates


A 2″x8″ cedar board that lays on top of the fence and covers the post, rail, pickets and trim. The cap board adds a very nice look to the fence and provides stability at the top.


A 1″x4″ picket nailed at the top edge of the fence, the trim provides a finished appearance, much like a frame around a picture.


Vertical boards nailed to the rails.1″x4″ spruce or cedar1″x6″ cedar


A 2″x 6″ treated pine board that sits on the ground and raises the fence 3″- 4″. The baseboard protects the bottom of the fence from rot and lawn trimmers.




Horizontal boards that run between the posts. The rails support the weight of the pickets.2″x3″ spruce or cedar2″x4″ cedarSecurity rail may be required in some cities for yards with pools.


4″x4″ cedar2 3/8″ x .095 heavy weight steelLST… landscape timber


Describes how far apart the posts are set. Standard centers for a 6′ tall fence are 8′, and centers for an 8′ tall fence are 6′.

Retaining Wall

Same as baseboard except usually two or more boards high with stub posts. This is designed to retain dirt when the customer desires to level the grade of their property.